Frequently Asked questions

The hot air balloon is perhaps the most famous of all aerostatic balloons, air vehicles that use gas light to lift. Most of hot air balloons take advantage of the warm, less dense air than what’s out there to get an upward push and lift off the ground. According to the well-known Archimedes principle this it happens because warm air which is lighter than the cold one tends to rise upwards. The push lift mainly depends on the difference between the outside temperature and that internal part of the ball and it is for this reason that i takeoffs usually come during the peak hours cold as dawn.
Initially the balloon is filled with cold air via a fan which is then replaced from the hot air using the aid of the burner. The goal is therefore to have a lighter mass compared to the surrounding atmosphere. The pilots of more experienced balloonists implement the so-called navigation: they know that at different altitudes there they are different winds and therefore positioning themselves at the right altitude they manage to have one determined flight maneuverability, then at each altitude there are winds blowing in one certain direction.
Early in the morning there are the most suitable conditions for ballooning. The air is more stable and cooler from the night, during the day the sun’s heat reflects from the ground and heats the air above causing thermal activity that causes wind instability and makes flight less safe and difficult to precisely control the balloon’s altitude .

Firenze Mongolfiere offers multiple experiences. The cost depends on the place of departure and the type of flight. In fact, there are both group flights and private flights. In the group balloon flight, you share the basket with other passengers.

In the private balloon flight, on the other hand, it is a flight that allows you to reserve the entire basket and fly in total privacy with your partner or with a small group of friends or family.

The cost of a group flight in a hot air balloon in Tuscany starts from €250.00 per person. For a private flight, however, the price starts from €1250.00 where up to 6 passengers are allowed. All balloon flights include a breakfast at the end of the flight and the transfer from the landing point to the departure point.

Firenze Mongolfiere operates in various locations within the Tuscan territory, more precisely in the area between Florence and Siena. We take off from Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, in the heart of the Florentine Chianti. In beautiful Siena, the city known for its Palio. About Florence, the city of the Renaissance.

The flight is usually about 60 minutes, but you have to consider about 3 hours in total where you will be informed about the safety measures to be taken during the flight and the time in which you will then be accompanied to the take-off point once landed.

You can fly in any season with ideal weather conditions. Firenze Mongolfiere organizes hot air balloon rides all year round. However, each season has its own characteristics and charm.
This is the funniest part, we know where they take off, but not where we’re going to land. However, based on recent wind-related weather conditions, it is possible to estimate a route.

Firenze Mongolfiere has a large fleet of balloons of different sizes. Our balloons are capable of carrying 2, 6 and 10 people. The baskets are divided into various compartments so that you have your space.

Flying in a hot air balloon is a very safe activity and suitable for everyone, just think of the simplicity of which a hot air balloon is made: it has a few very simple and all independent components. However, Firenze Mongolfiere operates in the safest and most enjoyable way for the customer. Furthermore, Firenze Mongolfiere is an Authorized Air Operator certified by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for Public Passenger Transport and Aerial Work. Our pilots are experienced professionals with many hours of flight with great experience in the sector. Furthermore, the company is constantly committed to crew training. Our company boasts of constantly having recently built equipment supplied by the best manufacturers in the sector and regularly inspected as required by the European directives EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency Standards. Our fleet is covered by aviation insurance in accordance with the law.

Contrary to what one might think, durations the flight the temperature will not be lower. We recommend clothing suitable for the season current. We remind you that it is FORBIDDEN to go on board with shoes with stiletto heels or open shoes. Sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended.

In spite of ourselves, according to EASA standards, the activity is NOT allowed for:

– Those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, pacemaker carriers and subjects with heart disease.
– Subjects with bone deficit or osteoporosis.
– Subjects with serious physical problems that prevent them from walking normally.
– Pregnant women.
– Subjects with severe hearing compensation problems.
– Subjects who have suffered impairments of the limbs.