Fast as the wind and light as the air

Prepare for an adventure

Discover the magic of a hot air balloon flight and admire the beauty of the Tuscan landscape from above. We have many locations: Florence, Siena and Chianti. Our personal touch and professional experience will make your flight a memorable event. We fly once a day, every day, all year round.

Into the tuscany beauties

Our mission is to organize balloon flights so that you can discover one of the most beautiful regions in the world from a totally new point of view. The slow flow of the balloon will allow you to see the running of the animals at dawn, the typical Tuscan landscape and the most famous vineyards of Chianti.


Your experience begins with meeting at the take-off point that will be indicated on your ticket. We ask for maximum punctuality of the agreed time.

All flights will be made at sunrise according to the period of the year chosen.


The pilot assisted by the land crew will inflate the balloon in a vertical position. The inflation of the balloon is always very fascinating to film.

IN Flight

Once in flight it will be possible to enjoy the view that this aircraft can offer. All flights last an hour on average in which you will have time to take photographs or simply enjoy the view in total tranquility.


This is the ballooning: you always know where you are starting, but never where you land. Upon landing, the pilot will look for the most suitable landing spot. Once on the ground, the balloon will be deflated.


After landing, as tradition dictates, there will be a prosecco-based toast together with the pilot to celebrate your baptism of flight.


The balloon being a aircraft that lands in a different place than where it took off will be followed by a crew member. Once the flight is over, we will pickup you to the meeting point.