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Chianti, considered the heart of old Tuscany. You have surely tasted its worldwide famous wine, but have you ever “tasted” the air that stands above the vineyards which it is made with? A beautiful experience that you should try, something that goes further than the classic enogastronomic tour.

What is included in the experience

  • A balloon ride of an hour.
  • This is a group experience. (max 6 pax for basket)
  • Detailed briefing of the rules to be adopted.
  • The traditional toast with breakfast.
  • Transport with our vehicles to meeting point.
  • Aviation insurance.

When we fly

Normally we fly at sunrise. It will be the pilot who will inform you of the time when you will need to present yourself at the meeting place. We ask passengers the maximum punctuality.

Meeting point

Note: the meeting point can be different due to wind conditions.

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What do I need to know

  • The final confirm will be at 18:00 the day before the flight.
  • The flight will be canceled in case of: rain, strong wind, gusty wind, fog and thunderstorm.
  • Children can only fly if they are tall over 100cm.
  • It’s forbidden get on board with stiletto heels or open shoes.
  • During the flight it will not be cold, we recommend clothing suitable for the season.
  • This activity is NOT suitable for: women from the third month of pregnancy, people with caridia problems, people with pacemakers and people who have undergone recent joint operations.
  • Animals are NOT allowed.
  • We do not take responsibility for any damaged or lost items such as glasses, wallets, cell phones, etc.


In case you don’t know, in Italy each region has been divided into bands of colors for the danger of the CoVid.19.
Please, inquire before booking.
Yellow: OK
Orange: NO
Red: NO

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