• The following terms and conditions are accepted from the moment you make the reservation through our direct channel or through other external collaborators affiliated with the company Firenze Mongolfiere.
  • For any information, do not hesitate to contact us at (+39) 3347204453 or at (+39) 3319832143 or at info@firenzemongolfiere.com.
  • The final confirmation of the flight with all the instructions on how to reach us at the take-off field and the time of the appointment will be communicated to you at 18:00 by email or by telephone the day before the flight itself.
  • THE TAKE-OFF POINT may be subject to change, always with prior notice from the airline.
  • THE DEPARTURE TIME may be subject to variations, always with prior notice from the airline.
  • A voucher is an undated travel ticket that allows you to choose the date of your flight at a later time.
  • In order to take advantage of your Voucher, please contact us to book the date.
  • All vouchers are subject to expiration regardless of whether they are on offer or at full price.
  • By purchasing a voucher for a group flight, you are entitled to travel on board together with other passengers.
  • By purchasing a voucher for a private flight, you have the right to travel with the balloon totally reserved for passengers with the pilot’s company only.
  • The take-off changes according to the type of flight purchased and / or decided by the pilot at the time of the flight for safety reasons.
  • The purchase of a VOUCHER travel ticket is non-refundable.
  • The full price voucher (not on offer) is valid for 24 months from the time the payment is made.
  • The availability of the flight date varies according to the availability of the flight calendar.
  • Any change of name on the voucher and / or transfer of the voucher itself must be communicated by email to info@firenzemongolfiere.com at least 30 days before its expiry.
  • It is not allowed to carry out several flights by dividing the passengers indicated in the booking phase. Ex: a 4 passenger booking cannot be split into 2 passengers and run 2 flights separately.
3 – CASES IN WHICH THE REFUND CAN BE ASKED In case of cancellation by Firenze Mongolfiere due to adverse weather conditions such as: rain, strong wind, gusty wind, fog, hail and thunderstorms. This rule applies to those who have purchased a travel ticket during the booking process. In case of purchase of a voucher converted into a travel ticket, a new date will be proposed to be agreed. In case of force majeure in which the passenger cannot travel to Italy for external reasons. For example: covid emergency or war in Ukraine.
  • In the case the passenger DOES NOT show up at the agreed meeting point.
  • In the case the passenger DOES NOT show up at the agreed hour.
  • It is impossible to tolerate delays. If the check-in time will not respected, the ticket will be lost.
  • In the event that the passenger cancel the flight within 48 hours before the day of the flight regardless of their motivation.
  • After the purchase of the travel ticket as a Voucher.
5 – OUR COMMITMENTS TO PASSENGERS The Voucher or dated ticket gives the right to fly in a hot air balloon on a date to be agreed within 24 months of purchase where it includes:
  • The balloon flight of about an hour.
  • Transportation with one of our vehicles from the landing point to the take-off point.
  • Aviation insurance provided for by current legislation.
  • The actual duration of the flight can vary from 45 to 70 minutes, but for safety reasons, the pilot has full responsibility for the flight operations.
  • It is never possible to guarantee the actual route or duration of the flight as the balloon is an aircraft that is directed by the wind.
  • It is unquestionable the judgment of both the pilot and the competent authorities to interrupt the flight in case of adverse weather conditions.
  • Flying in a hot air balloon totally depends on the weather conditions, in case of adverse weather conditions not reported in the weather reports, we can cancel the flight even before take-off.
  • If a flight is canceled due to weather conditions or for any other reason beyond our control, a new flight date will be proposed or the refund policies indicated above will be observed.
  • If the minimum number is not reached, the flight will be canceled and a new flight date will be proposed.
  • If flights are suspended for reasons of force majeure, the validity of the voucher will be extended for a period equivalent to the suspension period.
  • We are NOT responsible for economic losses or any damage caused by any suspensions such as ticketing of various kinds or reservations for overnight stays.
  • We reserve the right to entrust the execution of our flights to other operators, holders of regular ENAC licenses who have a collaboration agreement with us. Also in this case, these Terms and Conditions will always apply.
  • Firenze Mongolfiere has insurance coverage for air carriers pursuant to the Montreal Convention of 28 May 1999, Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004 and Regulation (EU) No. 285/2010 for each passenger in the event of death and / or personal injury. The right to compensation for damages expires within two years from the day of the flight.
  • The Company does NOT take any responsibility for any personal item that the passenger will bring on the flight.
  • The Company does NOT assume any responsibility for any damage to cars or objects inside them that may occur during the period in which they remain parked at the meeting point.
6 – THE OBLIGATIONS OF THE PASSENGER TOWARDS THE COMPANY The passenger will receive a confirmation email by 18:00 the day before the flight. If he has not received anything, the passenger is required to contact the company by telephone: +39 3347204453 or alternatively +39 3319832143. The passenger can change / cancel the reservation in the following ways:
  • Up to 48 hours before the flight: the flight is rescheduled to a new date.
  • The cancellation of a flight within 48 hours before the day of the flight by the passenger entails the loss of the total paid.
  • It is allowed to redeem the experience and request a new date by paying an additional 50% of the total amount of the experience value.
  • Moving to a higher value experience is allowed by paying the required difference.
  • Moving to an experience of lower value is allowed, but partial refund of the amount paid will not be granted.
  • Ballooning can be as risky as any other activity.
  • By purchasing a Voucher or participating in a flight, the passenger is aware of the potential risks. The flight, on every occasion, will be under the control and supervision of a certified pilot who is committed to making the flight safe and enjoyable.
  • The Pilot is not qualified to judge the health of the passenger whether he is able to fly or not; however, for his own safety and that of others, the passenger must ensure that he is in physical condition to be able to participate in the flight.
As required by the navigation code, it is not allowed to fly to people with disabilities, impairments, diseases or syndromes that prevent the regular conduct of the balloon flight and in particular:
  • It is not allowed to fly to those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, Pacemaker wearers and people suffering from heart disease.
  • It is not allowed to fly to people with bone deficiency problems, suffering from osteoporosis.
  • People with severe back and limb problems that prevent the normal walking required to get in and out of the balloon basket are not allowed to fly.
  • Pregnant women from the third month are not allowed to fly.
  • People with severe hearing compensation problems are not allowed to fly.