About Us

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera

Firenze Mongolfiere is part of the large group of Balloon Team Italia s.r.l. and since 1990 we carry out flights and commercial activities with balloons. We are a full-fledged airline, holders of regular licenses issued by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

What we do

  • We organize private flights with passenger transport.
  • We organize with great success the various editions of the Balloon Festival.
  • We organize balloon flights bound for the various events.
  • We participate in sports competitions by placing ourselves with excellent results.
  • We organize Night Glow, balloons illuminated at the rhythm of music.


  • Our pilots are all ENAC certified, with many hours of experience.
  • All our hot air balloons are of recent construction.
  • All the balloons are inspected annually.