Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Your experience begins with the meeting at the take-off point indicated on your ticket. We ask for the maximum punctuality of the indicated meeting time. All flights are made at dawn based on the period of the current year.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


The pilot assisted by the crew members will inflate the balloon in vertical position, we recommend filming this process, it’s always very fascinating.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera

In flight

Once in flight it will be possible to enjoy the beautiful view that this aircraft can offer. The flight is about one hour where you will have time to take photographs or simply enjoy the landscape in absolute tranquility.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


The balloon is like this: you always know where you start, but never where you land. After landing, the pilot will search for the most suitable landing point. Once on the ground, the balloon will be deflated.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


After landing, as tradition requires, there will be a prosecco toast with the pilot to celebrate your flight.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


The balloon being a means of landing in a different place from where it took off, will be followed by a crew member with our off-road cars. Once the flight is over, we will bring you to the meeting point.

Discover the magic of a hot air balloon flight admiring the beauties of Tuscany from above. We fly from Florence, Chianti, Siena and Lucca. Our personal touch and professional experience will make your flight a memorable event. We fly once a day, every day, all year.

Our mission is to organize hot air balloon flights so you can discover one of the most beautiful regions in the world from a totally new point of view. The slow flow of the balloon will allow you to see the animals running at dawn, the red roofs of the surrounding villages and the most famous Chianti vineyards.

Flights are made at sunrise for the best wind conditions. Once in the take off point, you will meet the pilot and the crew who will give you a briefing before the flight and then, once they have taken off, you will start your adventure. We know where you take off but never where will land.


Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Chianti, considered the heart of old Tuscany. You have surely tasted its worldwide famous wine, but have you ever “tasted” the air that stands above the vineyards which it is made with? A beautiful experience that you should try, something that goes further than the classic enogastronomic tour.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Florence, one of the most captivating cities in Italy, is known worldwide as the birthplace of Reinassance. By over flying the city of Florence, you cane se the magnificent architecture from up above, and this gives you the possibility to discover every detail of the city from a whole new prospective.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Located near Siena, San Gimignano is considered one of the most beautiful medieval village in Italy. Inside the Chianti’s hills and surrounded by its fourteenth-century walls, it hides inside its beautiful historic center with a medieval aspect.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Discover the picturesque Siena from above, the city famous for the historic horse race “Il Palio di Siena”. After the take off, you will see the monuments that have made Siena famous: his typical cathedral with Piazza del Campo. Once over the city, we will move into the Crete Senesi’s hills.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Lucca, a walled city. What most wins people over are the immense city walls, designed by the famous architect Leonardo Da Vinci. Why just walk on them when you have the possibility to fly them over? Discover what hides inside the walls al the same time: its monuments, villages and its famous inner city.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


For us, no request is absurd. We also fly throughout Italy. We flew to places like: Mondovì, Cesena, Ferrara and Treviso. Choose where you would like to fly, we will try to satisfy your request.