Do you want to admire the wonderful Chianti hills caressed by the early morning light? Or touch the Duomo of Florence and the Ponte Vecchio? Or why not prefer a flight between Siena and its Crete Senesi? Otherwise there is the beautiful Lucca. Choose one of these places, Tuscany has many breathtaking views to offer.

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Chianti, considered the heart of old Tuscany. You have surely tasted its worldwide famous wine, but have you ever “tasted” the air that stands above the vineyards which it is made with? A beautiful experience that you should try, something that goes further than the classic enogastronomic tour.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Florence, one of the most captivating cities in Italy, is known worldwide as the birthplace of Reinassance. By over flying the city of Florence, you cane se the magnificent architecture from up above, and this gives you the possibility to discover every detail of the city from a whole new prospective.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Located near Siena, San Gimignano is considered one of the most beautiful medieval village in Italy. Inside the Chianti’s hills and surrounded by its fourteenth-century walls, it hides inside its beautiful historic center with a medieval aspect.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Lucca, a walled city. What most wins people over are the immense city walls, designed by the famous architect Leonardo Da Vinci. Why just walk on them when you have the possibility to fly them over? Discover what hides inside the walls.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


Discover the picturesque Siena from above, the city famous for the historic horse race “Il Palio di Siena”. After the take off, you will see the monuments that have made Siena famous: his typical cathedral with Piazza del Campo. Once over the city, we will move into the Crete Senesi’s hills.

Firenze Mongolfiere Vola in mongolfiera


The exclusive flight is dedicated for those who want to fly with the people most dear to them. It is possible to choose one of our locations. In addition with you, will be only the pilot. The maximum number of passengers allowed for the exclusive flight is for 5 passengers.